Special Report: Divided Kingdom

Special Report: Divided Kingdom

Years after the Brexit vote time it seems has not healed all wounds as the country stands more divided than ever.

Sky News meets businessmen, bus depot owners and fishermen from across the UK who are worried about the state of Brexit talks.

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30 Replies to “Special Report: Divided Kingdom

  1. Isnt this what I have been saying.. Ireland simply needs to be an interface country.. I think I need to be an MP.. None of this ERG… Ireland can be an interface country meeting the rules of both sides… only in sitautions where there is a variation will things need to be checked and those checks can happen outside of Ireland….

  2. EU prices for many goods are absurd, without any tangible justification for being so. It is never going to agree on good international trade deals, however, because China and others can play one EU country against another for special favours. That's dumb.
    Free trade is the way to go. So why not use Britain outside of the EU as a giant free trade hub with the world? Let Britain seek international trade deals and let the EU trade with Britain customs free, as before.
    Britain wins lots of trade, the EU gets cheaper prices and higher standards of living and the stupid, protectionist trade imbalance imposed by the god-damn EU goes away. Heck, we might even solve the trade war with Trump.

    But that's not gonna happen. Why? Because Brussels does not care about Europeans, but only about itself. Free trade and more wealthy people means less power for the cynics in regulatory offices. They'd rather tax everyone to death and pick and choose with subsidies who gets to stay alive, like that godawful shellfish monger in the video.

    Good on Britain for leaving. I wish my country would too. If this video has made anything clear, it's that Britain has the favourable position in the negotiations. Of course, it doesn't pan out that way, because to punish Britains for their democratic decision to leave, they have been saddled with a treacherous prime minister who is doing her best to seek the worst possible outcome for everybody. May is not inapt. She is evil.

  3. I'm sorry but one of the biggest arguments is the amount we pay to stay in. Well we will lose far more by leaving in lots of other ways. We pay the EU what we get out of it. Security, Trade, and a Continent where we all work together. This is 2019 not 1920.
    I understand the Brexit was what was voted for. But it was the wrong choice.
    Many are saving face by sticking with their guns despite probably feeling like they made a mistake. What's more is that few of us voted for May's deal. 1 in 4 people want it so is she really doing what the will of the people want? No because she still hasn't identified what we all really want, and right now it's anything BUT what is happening. The most undemocratic democracy I've ever seen.

  4. As an Indian it makes me happy that Britain is not that great it's just stupid people making stupid decisions.
    Guess they are gonna be a third world country now all that loot didn't help their stupidity.

  5. These common people, eg the flower trader, are so simple its gob smacking, perfect fodder for the likes of Boris, Farage, Trump, Putin. Democracy is lethal in their hands. These people are commercial operators, what buying group or co operative they know of would allow a member to leave, avoid any obligations, but retain OR BETTER their benefits? Its fantasy land and they fell for it and blame May for not achieving the impossible??

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